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Submit Your Application to Intern with the PanAm Post

The PanAm Post is accepting interns on a rolling basis to join its talented team of reporters, editors, translators, and commentators. This is an exciting time for the bilingual outlet, as it rapidly expands its coverage, audience, and influence throughout the Americas.

Amid a fast-paced environment, each intern partners with a member of the outlet’s experienced and passionate staff, the one who best fits the intern’s interests. Staff members then make a concerted effort to get intern contributions published; that may include blog posts, news articles, interviews, video clips, and photography.

Interns commit to sixteen hours per week — in one day or split between two days — and the normal internship period is equivalent of three months.

Potential Tasks:

  • Proofreading
  • News articles and summaries
  • Digital editing/formatting
  • Website updates

Required Qualifications:

  • Writing competence in either English or Spanish.
  • At least an intermediate level of English.
  • Proven knowledge of Microsoft Office and online publishing platforms, such as WordPress and SoundCloud.
  • Interest in and support for independent media, free speech, and civil liberties.
  • Diligence and flexibility under time constraints and an eagerness to learn.

How to Apply?

Send us a few paragraphs telling us about you, and detailing any relevant experience for the position. In addition, do two or more of the following tasks, one of which must be audio or video:

  • Produce a two-minute video elaborating on a PanAm Post article.
  • Suggest three topics to report on the PanAm Post.
  • Choose one of our published articles, and work out the best way to promote it on the website, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Use Audacity to produce a three-minute summary of a speech by a Latin American president or other prominent political figure. Add your own commentary and clips of the speech itself, and send us the MP3 file.

Apply Now!

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