EspañolThe PanAm Post, along with its Canal blog, is a new online media outlet and your premier source for news and analysis throughout the American continent. The PanAm motto is pro veritate et libertate, “for truth and liberty,” and we strive to provide you with an ever higher level of both reporting and commentary.

In the tradition of PanAmericanism, this outlet is internationally oriented and multilingual — conscious of the potential for greater human relations throughout the Americas.

For a broader explanation of the basis for the PanAm, please see the introductory commentary, “The Hunger For a New Outlet.” In particular, it notes “bloated and inefficient” legacy and state media outlets and an opening for a new generation of reporters and analysts.


The PanAm Post, as a new outlet, is expanding its ranks. If you would be interested in a role as a blogger, reporter, cartoonist, or intern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Daniel-Raisbeck-1Daniel Raisbeck

Editor in Chief

Daniel Raisbeck is a historian, classicist, and professor of political theory at the Sergio Arboleda University in Bogota. He is also the co-founder of the Colombian Libertarian Movement, and Managing Director of the Bastiat Society in Colombia. Follow @DanielRaisbeck.

Daniel Duarte 150 x 169Daniel Duarte

English Junior Editor

Daniel Duarte is a linguistic specialist with the PanAm Post and a former EsLibertad executive board member and regional director based in Paraguay. He is currently finishing a bachelors degree in philosophy, after moving back from France. Follow @dduart3.

pedro-garcia-1Pedro García

Spanish Managing Editor

Pedro García is a Venezuelan journalist based in Caracas with over 25 years experience in local newspapers, radio, television, and online media. Follow @PedroGarciaO.

sabrina-martin-1Sabrina Martín

Spanish Junior Editor

Based in Valencia, Venezuela, Sabrina Martín is a journalist and commentator with experience in corporate communication. Follow @SabrinaMartinR.

Thabata MolinaThabata Molina

Spanish Deputy Editor

Thabata Molina is a Venezuelan reporter who focuses on public safety, violence, and penitentiary conflicts. She has contributed to national newspapers such as El Nacional and El Universal for 12 years. Originally from Caracas, she now lives in Panama. Follow @Thabatica.

rebeca-morla-1Rebeca Morla

Editorial Assistant

Based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Rebeca Morla supports the managerial operations of the PanAm Post. She is a political scientist, and an Executive Board member of EsLibertad. Follow @RebecaMorla.

Elena Toledo 150 x 169Elena Toledo


Elena Toledo reports for the PanAm Post from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She is an educator by trade, an activist for a democratic Honduras, and a free thinker. Follow @NenaToledo.

Elena Toledo 150 x 169Virginia Tuckey

Political Analist and Social Media Coordinator

Virginia Tuckey is a jorunalist and political analyst based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She specializes in US and Latin American politics. Follow @virtuck.


Jorge Chuya (@Jacc97x), Casa Grande University, Ecuador.